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Enhance Existing Sobriety Checkpoints

The Unified Prevention Coalition of Fairfax County (UPC) sponsors three to four DWI Enforcement meetings per year attended by representatives from six local police departments, including Fairfax County, City of Fairfax, Towns of Herndon and Vienna, George Mason University, and Northern Virginia Community College.  At the meetings the officers share information on DWI enforcement operations, discuss ways of working together, and obtain the needed encouragement from our community organization.  One result of the collaboration was the use of UPC's Cab or Cell ad on a Fairfax County Police car completely wrapped in public safety messages.


UPC received the donated expertise of Focused Image, ad advertising agency in Falls Church, in developing the ad campaign.


Media Campaign

Restaurant Coasters

"Cab or Cell." That’s the provocative message on drink coasters that Fairfax County restaurants are using as a reminder to patrons to not drink and drive.


More than 40 local restaurants are partnering with UPC by using the special drink coasters that are part of UPC’s campaign to keep young adult drivers age 18-24 from drinking and driving. The colorful coasters feature a cab or jail cell on one side. On the flip side are phone numbers for Fairfax Yellow Cab and Red Top Cab, which helped pay for some 50,000 coasters, with the message “Let us be your designated driver.”


“The restaurants that join our ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ campaign are part of our proactive effort to stop drunk driving before a key is put into an ignition,” said UPC President Lisa Adler.  The Fairfax County Police Department and other local and campus police departments, as well as GMU and NOVA campus officials, are partners in the UPC advertising campaign, helping deliver coasters to restaurants and sharing information about sobriety checkpoints and DWI saturation patrols.


Restaurants in Fairfax County frequented by 18-24 year olds are encouraged to join our campaign by using coasters, posters, and ensuring that sellers/servers of alcohol are trained to not serve underage and intoxicated patrons.


See the front and back of the coaster here


The UPC "Don't Drink and Drive" campaign is supported by area local enforcement who joined UPC President Lisa Adler (center) at the event kickoff in 2012, including (left to right) Captain Susan H. Culin, then commander of the Fairfax County Police Department's Traffic Division; FCPD Sgt. Bill Fulton; Adler; Lucy Caldwell, FCPD public information office; and George Young, UPC vice president. Fulton and Caldwell are members of the UPC Board of Directors.


Poster ads have been displayed on the campuses at George Mason University (GMU) and Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA)-Annandale and at area restaurants. UPC has produced six  different ad posters to advertise sobriety checkpoints and the consequences of drinking and driving.  Copies of the ads may be purchased for $.25 each while supplies last.

Postcards featuring UPC’s Even Wasted ad on one side and a cab company phone number and information on sizes of alcoholic drinks on the second side have been distributed in dorms and students centers at GMU and NOVA and at checkpoints held in the county. The postcard has also been given to INOVA Urgent Care clinics. The postcard is available in English and Spanish as another reminder of the possible consequences of drinking and driving.



Bus/Bike Shelter Ads

A large new ad greeted George Mason University students in Fairfax in four bike shelters near parking lots from October 2014 -January 2015.  The “Driving Under the Influence: Don’t Underestimate It” ad warns students that the cost of being caught drinking and driving can add up fast. GMU students were involved in focus groups to help develop the ad.


The newest ad posted in bike shelters near parking lots at George Mason University in November 2014.

15-Second Video Ads

Two 15-second video ads that highlight police enforcement efforts to reduce drunk driving were released in 2013 and appeared in five large movie theater complexes over a period of eight weeks. “The Party’s Over” ad features a driver being pulled over by police, while a second ad focuses on sobriety checkpoints that police regularly set up as a deterrent to driving while intoxicated. The two ads have continued to be shown on the county and school cable channels and in the GMU movie theater.  Print versions of the ads have appeared in Fairfax Connector buses.

Several restaurants participating in the “Don’t Drink and Drive” campaign have co-sponsored with UPC TIPS seller/server alcohol trainings. The training programs educate sellers/servers of alcohol about serving patrons responsibly. The TIPS training program sponsored by UPC is approved by the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).  Trainings are open to restaurant workers from across Fairfax County.


By supporting seller/server training of employees, restaurants are better equipped to avoid serving alcohol to minors and to intoxicated patrons. By participating in training, a restaurant can minimize property damage and help reduce crashes caused by drunk driving. Seller/server training is offered by Virginia ABC and by other Virginia ABC certified trainers.  Restaurants are encouraged to train their employees and take advantage of training opportunities locally.

TIPS Training for Sellers/Servers of Alcohol


UPC is gathering support for seller/server training from restaurants serving alcohol to young adults and by discussing with the Fairfax County Oversight Committee on Drinking and Driving possible ways to get county leaders to support seller/server training.

Policies Supporting Seller/Server Training

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